Two bits of news:

  1. My father, who’s help on Rhyd Ddu was documented in these pages and the blog that went before it, passed away at Christmas.  I’m taking action and have nearly raised £10,000 for liver research (see below).
  2. I have acquired Plas Halt, a delightful 009 layout. This is especially wonderful as soon I will be part of a team building day at Plas TyB, including a gravity train ride from the station down to Blodge. Plas Halt will be available for exhibiting and will now feature an expanded range of rolling stock using FR stock I have for Rhyd Ddu. Images of the layout are available here:

As you may know my father passed away at Christmas from end stage liver disease. This is an appalling disease, the 5th largest cause of death in the U.K. and as many as 1 in 10 people will have a problem with their liver.

Most people will know of liver disease and immediately connect it with alcohol (and of course that is one cause), but in Dad’s case, like many many others, alcohol was not the cause. Whilst a huge amount of research is done into heart disease, all too little is focused on liver research. I was shocked by this, but was encouraged to read of potential new treatments on the horizon that, if research is funded, could help many thousands of people, even though it is too late for Dad.

So, in June 2017 I will spend 2 weeks walking from one side of England to the other, across 3 national parks, 192 miles and ascending more than 9,000m in total (that’s higher than Everest!).  I’m paying all my travel, accommodation and kit costs myself so every penny of sponsorship goes to charity.

Please visit my JustGiving page at

Big thanks to headline sponsors CH2M who have donated £1,000 as well as SDG, North Star consulting and Bond Dickinson who have each given £500.

The Foundation for Liver Research develops and extends research into diseases of the human liver. For over 30 years the Foundation has supported ground-breaking research programmes into liver disease under the direction of Professor Roger Williams, CBE. This work is carried out within the purpose-built Institute of Hepatology located in central London. The Institute provides laboratory space for up to 40 scientists and is affiliated to Birkbeck College, University of London.

Current areas of research include viral hepatitis, liver cancer, liver inflammation and metabolism, liver cell injury and metabonomic and proteomic studies.

For more information about work supported by the Foundation please watch their video and listen to the scientists talking about their research and how it is helping to tackle liver disease:


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