Vale of Rheidol

The Vale of Rheidol is a 1 ft 11 3⁄4 in (603 mm) gauge railway running for nearly 12 miles between Aberystwyth on the mid wales coast and Devil’s Bridge inland and close to the famous waterfalls.

For a while it was the only steam operated railway on the nationalised British Rail system. Indeed the Vale of Rheidol never closed and has operated a tourist service from its beginnings.

Although rather commercialised and lacking in station facilities, the top end of this line and its iconic locos make this a worthwhile trip south from the mecca of narrow gauge that is snowdonia.

One day I’ll model a part of this line. Backwoods miniatures make the key locos in 009 and there is talk that dorset kits will produce that and some of the carriages in 7mm.